Many of you have asked for resources to better share Echo Prayer with small groups, churches and your congregations. Here are some resources that should help share Echo - whether in home or church settings. If you have any questions or are looking for anything in-particular that is not presently here, please contact us at


Echo Prayer Walkthrough

This is a general walkthrough of the Echo Prayer App. This walkthrough outlines the uses and power of Echo as a tool in your prayer life.

Useful for: Church leadership to rollout Echo as a prayer tool to congregations, or even for individuals to better understand what they can do with Echo.


Echo Groups Image.jpg

Using Echo Groups

Outlines one of our most powerful features, Echo Groups. This overview will show how to use Groups in your Small Group, with family members, friends and co-workers.

Useful for: Small Group demonstrations, or general rollout of Groups for church congregations.


Echo Feeds Pic.jpg

Echo Feeds

Our newest feature, this PDF was created to help explain what Echo Feeds is and how a church, ministry or organization can use it effectively in their community.

Useful for: Churches and other organizations receive an understanding of Echo Feeds. Also a great resource for people to give to their churches to begin the rollout in their communities.


Instagram - Prayer Feed Available to Follow.jpg

Feed Announcement Image

Download this image to use for any promotional purposes announcing your Echo prayer feed. 

Useful for: Announcing your feed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media outlets your organization might have.


Echo Logo Image.png

Echo Prayer Logo

Download and use our logo to tell others about your Echo Prayer Feed, Group, or for any other promotional uses.

Useful for: Creating your own promotional materials for your church's Echo Prayer Feed or Group use of Echo.